Ways to Enjoy


Ways to Enjoy Raw Vegan Pesto Parm: Simply eat right out of the bottle or sprinkle over rice, pasta, pizza, raw veggies, popcorn, soup, or any of your favorite foods.



 Get Along Organic Recipe Suggestions


Rainbow Gomasio Recipe Suggestions

Rice and Veggies

Cook white or brown organic rice

Sprinkle Rainbow Gomasio liberally over rice and enjoy

May serve this as a meal or as a side dish


Rainbow Sushi

Prepare sushi rice or plain rice

Make sushi roll California Roll style with rice on the outside

Make roll with raw or lightly cooked veggies, tofu, or any of your favorite choices inside

Roll outside of roll in Rainbow Gomasio (looks really pretty)

Slice and serve with choice of dipping sauce (Organic Soy or Tamari), and Wasabi


Rainbow Veggie Soup

Make organic veggie stock or broth (home made or organic bouillon)

Add veggies of your choice but we recommend:

organic sweet or white potatoes, your favorite squash, turnips, celery, (Best to use what is fresh in season) and simmer low until cooked.

Remember the Gomasio already has corn, carrots and mushrooms plus all the yummy seeds and is full of complex yet subtle flavors (you know 11 organic seeds and veggies).

Once veggies are cooked (low and slow), remove from heat and stir in Rainbow Gomasio just before serving.

Add Rainbow Gomasio to taste preference (recommend  3-4 TBS per pot).

You may also add raw veggies at this time, like organic tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, kale, spinach,

You can add precooked organic rice, grains, pasta to your soup to make it more hearty if you like.



Raw Pesto Parm Recipe Suggestions

Cauliflower Puree

Steam ½ to 1 head of organic cauliflower

Puree in Vita Mix or with stick blender

Sprinkle Raw Pesto Parm on top and serve warm or room temp

You can use any veggie of your choice and follow same recipe


Mac and Cheese/Parm (Raw or Lightly Steamed)

Cook your favorite pasta (macaroni, bow ties, fettuccini, spaghetti, etc.)

Or make raw zucchini ribbon pasta or your favorite raw veggie ribbons

Sprinkle liberally (or your preference) with raw vegan Pesto Parm

Serve at room temp, chilled, or slightly warm


Raw Cauliflower Parm Tabouli

½-1 head Caulifower, Romanesco, Broccoli, or your veggie of choice

Use “S” blade on food processor to process raw veggies

The cauliflower will look like bulgher wheat or couscous

Sprinkle liberally with Raw Vegan Pesto Parm

You can exchange RAW PESTO PARM with GOMASIO too for a different flavor


Vegan Pizza

use Raw Vegan Pesto Parm in place of cheese

Make vegan pizza as your recipe calls for adding Pesto Parm as topping

May add Pesto after cooking or make raw vegan pizza